Getting Started

How do I place an order?

Placing an order is very easy. After adding items to your cart, you proceed to the Check Out Page to fill in your shipping as well as your credit card payment details in the appropriate fields. is a secure website that processes credit card payments safely directly on the Check Out Page.

What happens after I place my order?

After placing your order, you receive a confirmation email from our sales team that your order has been placed is now being processed with the manufacturer including the time you should be expecting delivery.

When will my furniture arrive?

You will be notified of when you should expect to receive your order in the confirmation email that is sent out. Delivery takes about 3-4 weeks from the time the order is placed.

How are your prices so low? is a direct-to-consumer online furniture store. All Furniture is made to order on demand and comes straight from the manufacturer, because of this is able to sell brand name furniture for much lower prices and ultimately passing the savings on to you, the savings are 100% real.

Are the savings real?

We encourage you to shop around and compare prices because we mean it when we say it; the savings are 100% real.

Customer Service

What if I have a question or problem?

Please Contact Us with any problems or concerns you may face. We will be more than happy to help you.

Can an item be on back order?

Yes, some items can be on back order mostly due to popularity.

What happens if an item is on back order?

An item will take longer to delivery if it on back order. You will be notified in that case; you have the option of waiting, changing your order or receiving a full refund.

Will my items arrive in good condition?

Your items will absolutely arrive is great condition. All your items are pre-inspected before delivery to make sure you receive what you paid for.

What is the Return Policy?

Since our prices are so low we have to charge a 25% re-stocking fee for cash refunds. This is our main policy but it may depend on an order by order basis. Please consult the Terms & Conditions for more information.

Is there any Warranty?

All items carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty. does not offer extended warranty.


Is it really Free Delivery?

Yes it is really Free Delivery for order over $800 in eligible areas in the Greater Toronto Area. Please view our delivery policy

Will you just leave it at my front door?

Our Free Delivery includes In-Home Delivery to the main floor. We never ever leave furniture at your front door.

How is delivery time established?

As your delivery dates get closer, you will be contacted in order to set up a delivery date and time at your convenience.

Is there anything I need to do before delivery?

Yes we kindly ask you to ensure that all doors are large enough to allow furniture to pass through as some items can be quite large. It is important to ensure they can pass through.

Can I take delivery when I want?

Some of our clients purchase furniture for their new home and request to take delivery after they have moved in. You may take delivery whenever you want at a later date.