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Shopping for bedroom furniture can seem tricky at first. But if you start by picking the essential pieces, then choosing the layout and finishing with accessories, your room will come together in no time. At, you’ll not only get quality bedroom furniture, but you’ll get them at an affordable price.

How to Choose A Bed Frame?

Panel Beds – In addition to a headboard and footboard that are connected by side rails, this type of bed frame features center supports. Panel beds typically require a box spring.

Sleigh Beds – This type of bed is designed with curved headboard and footboard giving the bed a sleigh type design. This bed normally requires a box spring.

Upholstered Beds – Softer than standard beds, an upholstered bed is covered in fabric from headboard to footboard. Some also feature decorative details like tufting and nailhead trim.

Storage Beds – This type of bed frame is very functional thanks to drawers that are built into the base. Because you can store clothes, blankets, pillows and more, it’s possible to save space by skipping the nightstand, dresser or chest.

Canopy Beds – This grand bed frame features four posts that extend from the headboard and footboard, and connect at the top to create a shelter-like silhouette. Inspired by a traditional design, contemporary canopy beds are more streamlined in style and work well in bedrooms with high ceilings.

How to Choose Bedroom Storage Pieces?

Dressers – Low, wide storage pieces that include six or more drawers, dressers are incredibly versatile. You can display decorative items on top or add a mirror to create a vanity.

Chest of Drawers – Chests are typically taller and slimmer than dressers, with anywhere from three to seven drawers. They come in an array of designs, from sliding door chests that have cabinet compartments with shelving, to media chests with open shelves and cord management for storing entertainment equipment, to bachelor’s chests that are shorter and often used as a more spacious alternative to nightstands.

Nightstands – Meant to be accessed from your bed, nightstands should sit at the same height as your mattress. Since the top of a nightstand usually holds bedside essentials, like your phone, lamp and water bottle, pick an option that is wide enough to fit everything.

Bedroom Furniture with Smart Features

USB Ports – From headboards to nightstands, many bedroom pieces are now designed with USB ports, so you can conveniently and comfortably charge phones, E-readers and other electronic devices.

Lamp Assist – To turn your bedside lamp on and off without any hassle, many nightstands now include a lamp assist feature. There will be an outlet you plug your lamp into, and that outlet connects to an easy-to-reach touch sensor button or strip, which you can press to control your lighting.

AC Outlets – Cord chaos is a thing of the past when you have nightstands, media chests and other storage pieces with built-in AC power outlets. You can plug in, charge and enjoy a clean, organized look.

Wire Management – With the simple addition of cutouts that tame lamp wires and entertainment equipment cords, many nightstands and media chests are able to streamline cluttered bedrooms.

How to Layout a Bedroom?

Now that you’ve chosen your foundational pieces, you’ll need to consider how you want to arrange them within your space. To help avoid any frustrations later, start by choosing a spot for the biggest piece of furniture going in your bedroom: the bed.

Look for a windowless wall (in case you have a tall headboard or want to purchase one later), or a large enough spot between two windows. If you have enough space, you could try putting your bed in a corner and extend it diagonally into the room. A diagonal bed is unique, but more difficult to decorate around.

If your headboard is flush against a wall you can fit more furniture into the surrounding area. Nightstands will fit easily on either side of the bed, or on one side depending on the width of the wall. A dresser is much easier to place diagonally, especially if it’s a tall armoire.

Angling tall pieces won’t take up as much additional horizontal room and it will add interesting lines to your arrangement. If you’re in a tight space, a small dresser could double as a nightstand on one side of the bed.

Additional pieces like a trunk or bench could be placed at the foot of the bed for extra storage and seating. The possibilities are endless! You just need to measure the amount of space you have and think about your daily routines to make the form fit the function.

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