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Dining Sets at FurnishMyHome.ca

Establish a tone for your home with a strong and sophisticated dining room set. Here’s what to consider as you decide on which set is best for your home:

Dining Set Materials

Certain materials are more prone to wear, which means they might not be able to endure the typical heavy use of a kitchen dining set. Here are some of the popular dining set materials to consider:

Wood: Nothing suits a traditional style dining set like solid wood. It’s often pricier than other materials, though it offers natural appeal and extreme sturdiness. An array of unique finishes gives wood great character, plus scratches and chips can be easily repaired.

Veneer: A veneer-style table is topped with a layer of hardwood, giving it an authentic look. The supporting layer, however, is typically plywood. A wood veneer cannot be refinished countless times like solid wood can, but it is less porous and less prone to scratching.

Stone: Natural stones such as marble and quartz offer unmatched appearance as part of a white dining room set or black dining room set. Stone tabletops exude luxury. They are also strong. You’ll want to add a sealant over a stone top to protect against the material’s porous nature.

Glass: Your dining room will benefit from a sense of openness with a glass table. The glass can be clear, frosted or tinted for your dining room table set. Glass tabletops can scratch or chip easily, though, and will likely have an abundance of fingerprints.

Shapes of Dining Table Sets

A dining table and chairs may regularly sit four or six people, but what happens when it’s your turn to host a holiday dinner? There are flexible table options, including pullout leaves, that are meant to accommodate a different number of guests within a room.

Oval: An oval dining table set is ideal for a large, rectangular room. The table’s roundness offsets the right angles at each corner of the room. It also presents more seating space compared to a circular table.

Rectangle: A rectangle dining room set will accommodate the most guests. Many rectangular tables offer an extended leaf function that creates additional space when needed.

Circular: A circular table is ideal in a square room because it prevents an overcrowded feeling and offers plenty of space to maneuver around your dining room table set. The shape also promotes easy flow conversation.

Go ahead and host a grand meal at your home or apartment and show off your style with a dining room set that will have all of your guests talking.

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